Tuesday, 3 February 2015

How to Make an Assignment For Report Work

When you are in college or university, report writing assignments are one of the most challenging tasks you have to tackle. In fact the report writing assignments are used by those institutions as the means of developing a number of important skills within the students. To be successful in the professional career, it is not only important to have good academic knowledge but, it is equally important to develop an excellent communication skill as well the ability to apply the academic knowledge to tackle the practical issues in the real world situation. Report writing assignments are the tools in the hands of the universities and colleges to help the students to nurture and develop these essential abilities within them.


Report writing assignments require a dedicated effort on the part of the students. The following guidelines will help you to make an assignment perfect and up to the mark.

Your first task is to understand the issue of the assignment. You have to judge, whether the assignment wants a discussion on the issue and thereafter a conclusion and recommendation or the report assignment has posed a central question and you have to write the answer to that question.

After getting the issue clearly, you have to decide on the information that would be required to write the report assignment. An efficient research methodology has to be devised to get the relevant information and evidences required to accomplish the assignment. 

Based on the information, you have collected, it is now time to decide on the approach how you will be answering the question or will be discussing the issue using the information and evidences. However, searching information is a continuous process.

On deciding a preliminary structure of the report assignment, a time management plan is to be prepared so that the report could be finished well ahead of the deadline set by your guide. This is very important, as in most of the cases it is found that the students submit the report assignment in a hurry to meet the deadline and end up with a poor quality report even after devoting considerable effort to write the same. 

After preparing the first draft, you have to go through the draft report to see whether, the report has been prepared to satisfy the examiners by incorporating the relevant evidences and information to validate your arguments in favour of the stance you have taken with respect to the issue of the report assignment or the central question asked to answer. You can also look out for dissertation help from experts or your instructors.  The paragraphs, headings and subheadings should be logically sequenced so as to ensure a logical flow throughout the assignments report.

It is important to check whether the report assignment has come with the instruction related to the format and the word limit. If there is any such instruction, the formatting and the structure of the assignment should be done conforming to the conditions set by the institute.

After the first draft is complete, you should edit the draft to find any error in the construction of sentences, the logical flow of the entire report and whether the key terms and the information or evidences, used to support the findings and conclusion of the report, are accurate and substantiate the logical arguments made by you to prove your view point.

The last important part of your report writing task is proofreading the report before the final submission. Proofreading is essential to find any grammatical error, errors in using punctuation or any spelling mistakes. Another important aim of proofreading is to find any typographical error. The formatting of the entire report should also be checked properly and if there is any instruction you should make sure that the structure and the format of the report conform to those conditions. The proofreading will enhance the clarity as well as the professional presentation of the same.